About Us

Our company, which started to produce knowledge that will provide added value to its customers with its expert staff and broad horizon in 2013, continues its activities in 2020 by developing itself under the name of KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors.

KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors knows at what extent the increasingly competitive conditions affect your businesses. In tough business conditions we are aiming on improving your competitiveness by providing support in accounting, taxes consultancy and payrolling, governmental supports and incentives, sertification, management and institualization consulting services.

Our Vision and Mission

KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors;

  • Providing our services, we aim to coordinate the benefit of our customers and the public.
  • We constantly renew and develop our company with an effort to exceed our customers’ demands and expectations.
  • We based our corporate culture on the basis of total quality awareness and win-win understanding; and we act within the framework of this awareness and understanding while carrying out our activities.

Our Quality Policy

Based on the corporate vision and mission statement, the most important indicator that determines the quality of our services are customer satisfaction and our long-term cooperation.

Our company is registered to Istanbul SMMMO with 24340 Office Registration Number and to ITO with Registration Number 233596-5.


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