Protection of Confidential Information

To perform our work efficiently and provide the necessary services to our clients, KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors needs access to confidential proprietary information. Being specialists in what we are doing, we are taking responsibility for confidential information of our clients, following all the necessary ethical standards.

We are responsible for protecting the confidential information of our customers, suppliers and other business partners, unless disclosure of this information is specifically approved by KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors, approved by the professional liability rules we are subject to, or required by law.

We do not evaluate, discuss, disclose, copy or use any copyrighted, licensed or confidential information regarding KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors, customers, suppliers and third parties without being authorized or being sure that it is properly permitted.

Compliance With Laws

KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors is against all forms of corruption and is committed to ethical business conduct. We do not solicit, offer, promise or accept bribes or anything of value (including but not limited to gifts, entertainment and hospitality related services, political contributions, donations, business opportunities and facilitation payments), whether directly or through a third party.

KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors expects all its employees to know, understand and comply with the anti-corruption laws and the internal policies related to their work. Every payment made by or on behalf of KEYBIZ CPAs & Advisors should be legal and in line with legitimate business goals.

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